Indie Film Factory, LLC is a motion picture studio specifically tailored to the independent filmmaker, providing affordable and professional space for a rental fee much lower than other studios found in our city. We will also be providing low-cost workshops and hosting panel discussions on the topic of motion pictures, to encourage growth as a filmmaker, and to spread and share information within our industry. Whatever it may be, we understand that our company is a living and breathing entity that will change and develop over time, depending on what the filmmaking community needs. The Indie Film Factory was created by Las Vegas filmmaking couple, Kelly & Charisma Schwarze. Officially established in 2011, the Indie Film Factory got its start with the help of, an internationally-known funding platform. IndieGoGo played an integral part in the start-up funding to make this local Las Vegas business come to fruition. Because of, we had a successful campaign in November 2011! We raised $7,821 exceeding our goal of $7,600 with the help of the local Las Vegas community, friends and family and other filmmaking advocates.


Major contributors to the campaign were:

  • Mark R. Johnson of ProWerks Media Group, LLC
  • Derek Stonebarger of Theatre7
  • Mary Skrenes & James Reid of JR Lighting Inc.

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Founder Message:

The Indie Film Factory idea was born to encourage ourselves and others to continue to create motion pictures.  We wanted to create a place that not only is affordable, but is also a place to learn and grow as a filmmaker.  As this new company progresses, we will offer low-cost basic filmmaking workshops and have discussion panels on the industry throughout the year.  We will also be rolling out some film initiatives and providing some basic sets to use.

Independent filmmaking may seem like a daunting task and at times, it’s a crazy industry to be a part of. Yet, there is something that’s intriguing about creating a place, a character and a story out of a simple idea that one person is responsible for starting, and then sharing it with the world.  Empower yourself as a filmmaker to take the first step, and as you stride, you may find yourself racing forward to creating more movies, and loving it like we do!

- Charisma M. Schwarze

Expected Timeline:

     2012-2013 – Indie Film Factory Phase I Location

     2014-2016 – Indie Film Factory Phase II Location

                                  – possible 2 studio spaces

     2016-2018 – Indie Film Factory Phase III

                                  – add backlot and 3rd studio space

     2018-2020 – Indie Film Factory Phase IV

                                  – add full learning campus